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Increase Your Office Efficiency with these Add-On Features

5 Nov

Greetings!   Bonnie Flom from Billing Buddies spent Saturday, November 4th in Irvine, CA at an Office Ally Conference to learn about the newest features (and old features) that can optimize and expedite the cash flow of an office AND save many hours of time.  Below are some add-on products that are integrated in Office Ally as well as a Sample Policy & Procedure manual for your clinic to incorporate these features.   Don’t use Office Ally?  Use this article as a spring board to see what your own software has to offer.  Or, to contemplate the switchover to Office Ally.

If your office uses Billing Buddies for billing services or you have questions on how to implement these time saving features into your practice, please feel free to contact Bonnie directly at 952-657-7505 to implement any of these features.   Billing Buddies does not profit in any of the features listed below.   Our interest is to help our clients become more efficient and save money making the most out of technology.

Add-On Features:

1)  Reminder Mate –   Patient Reminders integrates with the appointment schedule to send appointment reminders to your patients via text, call or email.  Reduce your missed appointments and increase your revenue.

2)  Patient Ally –   Patient Portal allows your patients to complete and fill out their paperwork BEFORE they come into the office.  The paperwork is then saved directly into Office Ally.  (Patient Information Form, HIPAA ‘Forms, Credit Card Authorization Form, Consent to Treat Forms, etc.)

3) Intake ProYour patient didn’t fill out the paperwork at home?  No problem.  This feature gives the office iPads for the patients to complete their forms on iPads and integrate and upload into Office Ally.  No need to enter patient data into Manage Patient anymore.

4) 24/7 EHROffice Ally’s EHR software, 24/7, allows providers to easily document the patients medical records.  It also integrates with the billing process and sends the charges into the billing system, Practice Mate.

5)  AxiaMedAccept, store, process and integrate credit card payments in Office Ally.  You can setup automatic payments via payment plans and have patients pay via their statement all online.  As well as process credit cards in house.  No more waiting for patient checks to arrive via snail mail.

6)  PLDElectronic statements integrate with Office Ally via the service of PLD.  No more printing, stuffing and stamping statements.

7)  TSITSI is the designated collection agency with Office Ally.  (Transworld Systems Inc.) You can send your accounts to them with the click of a button and all the payments post report back to the collection agency automatically.  TSI offers three types of services ranging from pre-collection to collection work.

Finally, how would your office work if you integrated all of these features into your daily work flow?   Receive a copy of our Sample Policy and Procedure Manual by emailing   And, if you are a Billing Buddies client and want to utilize any of these features or have us assist in creating your very own Policy and Procedure Manual, please contact Bonnie directly at 952-657-7505.  Thank you and as always, make it an awesome day.


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