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07.10.2017 Good Pic - Copy

Bonnie J. Flom’s passion for medical billing and Medisoft began in February 1984 while working in the accounts receivables department in St. Joseph’s Medical Center.  While there, she served on the Blue Shield EDI committee, United Way Committee, and Benedictine Mission Committee.  In 1994, Bonnie decided to break out on her own and started Rapid Return Medical Billing.  Medisoft was used in the billing agency, and in 1995, Bonnie became a Medisoft dealer.  Her billing agency grew quickly and employed up to seventeen people at one time. Then in 2000, Bonnie J. Flom, served Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota in testing their Optical Character Reader (OCR), which automatically converted paper claims to National Standard Format (NSF) files.  In 2001, Bonnie began serving on the Medicare Advisory committee for the State of Minnesota (PCOM).  In 2001, Rapid Return Medical Billing won the Medisoft contest for setting up the first 100 clinics to transmit electronically.  In 2002, Bonnie joined the HBMA (Healthcare Billing and Management Association).  In 2006, Bonnie began focusing solely on Medisoft by starting a separate company called Softouch Software and billing company known as Billing Buddies.  Today, you can find Bonnie eagerly working for Billing Buddies and service healthcare providers in the capacity of medical billing and consulting.

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